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Our most recent album 'Live in Jersey' is available for purchase. Featuring 20 songs new and old from across the Crossbeam catalogue, interspersed with other worship songs that have played an important part in the Crossbeam story, 'Live in Jersey' is a document of a very special worship evening held at The Freedom Centre in Jersey.

We are thrilled and delighted to have released this album. People often asked us if we would ever do a live album, and it was certainly on the to-do list for many years. So here it is! A definitive collection of Crossbeam songs captured where they are most alive - amidst a congregation of worshippers.

What's new?

Conversation has turned to what might be next in the pipeline for Crossbeam. It's too early to say, but thoughts are brewing – so watch this space!

The journey continues, we hope you enjoy our music, and as always we are ever grateful for your support and prayers. Connect with us on Apple Music, Twitter, Facebook or join our mailing list, and we hope to worship with you soon.