It has been just over three years since our last album 'Wake Up Call'. In that time, we have taken the songs on the road in the UK and Portugal, played them live on the radio, shared the stories and inspirations behind them and seen band members come and go. It has been a blessed period and a wonderful privilege, as always, to worship God alongside the many congregations we have played for.

So... what next?

We have often been asked if we would ever do a live album. For many years, we have toyed with the idea of a live release, and in 2015 the opportunity presented itself.

On August 21, we recorded a unique worship concert at The Freedom Centre, Jersey. Featuring songs old and new from across the Crossbeam catalogue, it was a special, Spirit-filled event, capturing the songs where they are most alive.

We are very excited to finally be putting this project together, and we will keep you updated regarding the release date. With God's grace, we hope it will be soon. Connect with us on Apple Music, Twitter, Facebook or join our mailing list for updates.

The journey goes on. In the meantime, please pray for us and know that we are ever grateful for your love and support!