New album out now: Wake Up Call


Welcome to the Crossbeam website. Here you can find out about our music, where we’ll be playing and why we do what we do. You can also download chord charts for songs and there may be a blog or two occasionally. Haven’t quite worked out a tea-making facility yet, but you never know. Have a look around – thanks for visiting!

Why 'Wake Up Call'?

In the five years since our last album, a lot has changed. Some of us have got married, and others have had babies and moved on from the band into other avenues and adventures in their lives.

It is with this as a background that the songs on “Wake Up Call” started to evolve – with change came fresh inspiration and new, exciting direction.  A sign of a new beginning; a sign of a unified re-awakening; a sign of friendship, perseverance and growth; a sign of where we feel God is leading us next; a call to wake up to the sound of God’s voice in all our lives and not be lukewarm; a sign that the best is yet to come...

We are hugely excited to share these songs and introduce the next part of the journey... who knows where we’ll end up next? But it’s great to have to you along for the ride!