For fifteen years, Crossbeam have been writing, recording, playing, gigging and journeying in faith together. From beginnings at a Catholic Summer Camp, to playing in the heart of Central London and around the UK, alongside invitations to Germany and Central Europe, we have been focusing the spotlight on meeting with God through the flag waving stadium anthems and the quiet, intimate moments of the heart, building a reputation for powerful worship music and exciting, distinctive and participative live shows.

Two things have always remained constant: the desire to walk humbly with God, and a commitment to sharing our journey and showing that it’s not about us... it’s about something far greater!

Tom Lead Singer
Full name: Thomas William Bonard
Age: 37
Joined the band in: 1998
Favourite food: Cheese and pickle baguette
Super power: Flying
If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
Steve Guitar
Full name: Stephen Albert Szymanski
Age: 39
Joined the band in: 1998
Favourite food: Steak. Any steak from anywhere. Don't give me a menu - just give me a steak.
Super power: Flying. Anything else is a waste.
You doing it wrong isn't helping me, so just let me do it.
Phil Keyboard
Full name: Philip Malcolm Le Cheminant
Age: 44
Joined the band in: 2008
Favourite food: Butter Chicken Bunny Chow at the Watersplash in Jersey.
Super power: Flying... and invisibility. Cos you don't want to cause a distraction when you're flying.
Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.
Tom Drummer
Full name: Thomas Peter Burgess
Age: 29
Joined the band in: 2010
Favourite food: Anything from Red's True BBQ
Super power: The ability to keep time. Not manipulate time, like, actually to play in time.
Out of time, all the time.
Simon Bass
Full name: Simon Alex Burnett
Age: 40
Joined the band in: 2014
Favourite food: Marzipan. Anything with marzipan, anything made of marzipan, anything that's brushed up against marzipan.
Super power: Midas marzipan touch
Nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy ... (not my circus, not my monkeys)