Live in Jersey

Ever since we started, people have been asking us whether we would do a live album. Well, here it is; and not only can you hear what happened on that special Friday evening in August, you even get to see what happened courtesy of the DVD – lucky you! We managed to squeeze in four new songs and one song that we have played live for many years, but hadn't quite made it on to an album until now. We also included a few other worship songs that have played an important part in the Crossbeam story so far. It's thrilling to finally have all these songs in one place.

This project has been a labour of love. Love for what we do, love for playing live and sharing our songs, but most importantly, love of our Lord Jesus Christ. If it weren't for Him, these songs wouldn't exist in the first place. Or if they did, they might just be mildly pleasing pop songs that you could clap and sing along to. As it is, this is a document of where the songs come most alive – shared in the midst of a congregation of worshippers for the glory of God. We hope that comes through in what you see and hear, and that you will be able to share in the atmosphere of the event.

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